How to Become a Pest Management Technician

Most people hate pests such as cockroaches, rats, fleas etc and sooner or later these people need to pay to eradicate these nuisances from their lives. Although it can be a competitive market, becoming a pest inspector can be a financially rewarding career choice. It may not seem like a the most appealing job in the world, but someone has to take those problems away from homeowners.

Deciding to become a pest management technician could be a great career choice that pays well. However, there's a lot more to just deciding on a business name and buying a few chemicals; you need to have certified pest management and training from a registered RTO.

Pest controlling involves more than inspecting, it also consists of planning and having an understanding of the chemicals including their safe handling for the job. You will also need to put in place systems for accounting, marketing and sales to grow your business.

You may choose to only work in residential home, commercial buildings or both. If you decide to work for someone else that means a lack of freedom however if you choose to work for yourself the rewards can be great.

To register as a qualified pest management technician you will need to finish a course with a RTO then apply to your state government for a pest technician licence.

You can learn on the job as a pest inspector as long as you are a registered trainee and are accompanied by licensed pest control technicians.

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