Government Employer Incentive

Attractive Australian federal and state government funding incentives of up to $4000.00 are available to all employers for each eligible employee, new or current, (full-time or part-time) when they undertake formal pest management training.

The incentives aim to open up genuine opportunities for skills-based employee training by assisting with the associated business costs. For individuals, many of these incentives allow them access to more affordable training options to seek employment and career pathway progression.


Call us to find out if your eligible attract government funding.

Our nationally recognised qualifications / statement of attainments, combined with a variety of delivery modes, provide students with more choices and flexibility.

  • Flexible quality and personalised training tailored to each individual.

  • Nationally accredited qualifications.

  • Access to a range of support staff and services.

  • Recognition of their prior skills.

  • Scheduled skills based workshops (if required),

  • Training resources supplied.

  • A training program tailored to suit your needs.

Benefits for the employer

  • Increased productivity.

  • Motivated workers.

  • Improved quality and services

  • Opportunity to grow your business and increase clientel.

  • Assistance in the form of government incentives and subsidies.

  • Flexible training options.

  • Access to our trainers

  • Payroll Tax rebate (depending on the State regulations).

Here is an example of how it works (in most states)...

For an employee undertaking The Certificate III in Urban Pest Management (CPP30115) :

Where the trainee is eligible, you can claim full funding which covers all the training costs.

  • You claim your first payment at six (6) months.

  • You can then claim the remainder at completion of qualification.


Prior to enrolment we will contact the new apprenticeship centre on your behalf.


Quite simply they will make an appointment for you and the trainee to complete and sign the traineeship form. Please retain their contact details. This form enables the employer to claim funding.


We will then send out the enrolment form for The basic Licensing course. When the form is completed and returned with the student fees, we’ll send out the training materials.


When this course is completed, we will send out the enrolment for Certificate III (three). When the form is completed and returned with student fees, training will then continue.

How much Commonwealth support does the employer receive?

1st Payment-Govt funding $1,500.00 received by you
2nd Payment-Govt funding $2,500.00 received by you
Total $4,000.00

Please note: There may be some differences in the required qualifications in each state of Australia.

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